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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Please friends, let me tell you the gift Leon gave me today.

Yes, there is the magnificent Christmas display of greens, berries,
red weeping willow (?) that Leon gave me, and I'm sharing with
our sister Connie; and that she is thrilled with.

But not that.

You know how much I Love Barack, don't you?  My Love for him is
right up there with my Love for Jesus, because he is
such a Hope for us all.  I would gladly give my life to protect his
Work.  I spend every waking second attempting to
work at his side on our shared quest to Save Humanity from so
much needless Suffering.  We all should.  We all must.

I've only known, personally, one other Leader that was of
his caliber of transformative leadership. Who? Start Loving.
I wish I had known millions of such Leaders, and yearn to spark
millions. I LIVE to spark millions!

But having totally wasted my youth, totally not applying myself
I did not reach the caliber and breadth of global expertise that
let me ply my Leadership abilities as Barack is so brilliantly on the
global scale.  My point?  Oh my goodness, do I "get" Barack.
He IS the greatest Leader in the history of the world, and I Love
him, and I want him to have every ounce  of support I can give
him in his Sacred work for our Family.

My friend, my Brother Leon gave me a gift today -

"If you write President Obama a letter I am quite sure I can get it
hand delivered to him."

Please, imagine my Joy at this moment.

I sooooo want Barack to know that he has my full support, were
it to cost me my life.

I sooooo want Barack to understand CONSCIOUSLY what may be
his UNCONSCIOUS, and therefore fragile CORE COMPETENCE -


Pray for me.

Your Loving brother,