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Monday, December 21, 2009

Friends, I urge you... PLEASE.

Two free, labors of Love I URGE you to subscribe to.  These are serious
times and we need to be armed with the most responsible information
possible.  I spend many hours per day searching for the most responsible,
mature, insightful, strategic articles published that I, START, need to read. 

I publish them in two vaults / blogs.  I URGE you to immediately subscribe
to each - Daily email Summary - at the site, upper left.  TRAGICALLY, I find
that what were massively useful sites in the reign of Bush / Cheney are
discending into morally and intellectually bankrupt garbage all to often including,, and even 

Whether or not you do is blind to me, handled by Google, and I've NEVER
received a complaint.  Unsubscribing is just as easy (and just as "blind" to me:

Spread the word!!!!!!   Please.

Take the field.

Your brother,


ps:  "The killing continues till we brothers and sisters take the field.  Guaranteed."  Start Loving

pps:  Job #1, #2... #10 is to SHUT THE RETHUGS OUT in 2010, and get a REAL 60 VOTE MAJORITY IN THE SENATE!!!!!!