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Monday, December 21, 2009

AmericansUnited CONFUSED!! They Don't Realize OBAMA'S THE ENEMY!!!!

Come on.  Straighten them out,,!
Americans United For Change
Dear Start,

PoliticsFirstNo matter how you feel about the war in Afghanistan or Iraq, some things are just plain wrong; like trying to keep our soldiers from getting the equipment they need to stay alive, and blocking funding for health care for service members and their families.

But the Republicans has never let right and wrong get in the way of a good obstructionist tactic.

With funding for the Department of Defense set to run out at midnight last Saturday, 33 Senate Republicans - including Sen. John "Country First" McCain - voted to block the fiscal 2010 Defense spending bill as part of their party's irresponsible crusade to delay and derail health insurance reform at any cost.

Watch our newest video and write Senator John McCain and ask him what happened to his pledge to keep "country first?"

Fortunately, the troops will get the funding eventually when the appropriations bill eventually passed over Republican objections.

It is truly a sad thing to see a party so committed to protecting health insurance industry profits that they are willing to withhold funding and a pay raise from our troops to do it.  Senator John McCain, in particular, ought to change the name of his political action committee from "Country First" to "Politics First."

Join us in sending a message directly to John McCain asking him, what happened to putting country first?


Jeremy Funk