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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"War IS the answer - War of Mass Construction. The Killing continues till then." SL

"War IS the answer -
War of Mass Construction. 
The Killing continues till then."  SL

EVERY TIC TIC TIC of the second hand
you and I lose a young son or daughter
to easily preventable causes of poverty.
You think the poor don't hate us for that?
I would, wouldn't you?  28 mil. needlessy/yr.

We westerners live as though we are here
for our own pleasure and so are the global resources.
Buxx Shxx!

We exist for the least of these, and instead we
keep our heel tightly clamped on their air hose.  Our
endless pleasures, and their pursuit are the cause of war.

"Few people chose war.  We chose selfishness and the RESULT
was war.  Each of us, individually and nationally, must choose total
love [War of Mass Construction], or total war."  David Dellinger 1915-2004,
his famous essay being "Declaration of War," from "Revolutionary Nonviolence."