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Sunday, July 8, 2012


GO SISTERS! Uh, where the Hell are the Brothers!?!?!?

Stephanie Cutter, Obama's 1-woman rapid response squad

Easily 90% of those with whom I stand (whether or not they stand with me) are WOMEN - Hope Forpeace, Diane Wilson, Col. Ann Wright, Liz Hourican... and sisters who's good reputations I'll protect by not naming them - SC, CM.... 

And among the males?  Brian, and maybe Barack, if he was ever the brother I thought he was; if we haven't left him alone to do our fighting for us too long....

Friday, July 6, 2012

vid 'What Use is a Vaccine that Doesn't Sicken the Sick Body?' S. Loving

Transcription to be sent on, later.


'When does a Family member Relax while Loved one's Face Peril? Uh, NEVER.' S.Loving

When does a Family member Relax while Loved one's Face Peril? Uh, NEVER.  Right? RIGHT?

Here's my point.  There is a glimmer of increased Hope with this Heatwave from Hell - Wash Post spoke of it this morning, how finally, not ice bergs in the arctic, but ice cubes destined for gin and tonics are melting in ruling class DC fridges that are still without power from this killer weather.

No question that Gaia is trying, still trying, to wake us in time.

When does a Family member Relax while Loved one's Face Peril? Uh, NEVER. Right?

When the legislation is assured, 1. TOTALLY Unhiding the Wreckage Costs, and B. Totally Redirecting Subsidies from Future Destroying to Future Restoring,  will a loved one relax then?  Well, for a moment or two.  ONLY FOR A MOMENT OR TWO.

Why not relax longer?  Remember how much true justice the war to free the slaves brought to the slaves?  Uh.  None, virtually none.  Satan doesn't sleep, but we in our complacency sleep at every hint of improvement, don't we?  Every hint.  Wishful thinking paves the road to, well, Hell on earth.  IF we drove, like we uh, 'fight' for what's Good, well, we'd never survive a trip to the grocery store.

As the founder of Intel, Grove subtitled his book, "Only the paranoid survive."  True. In this case, 'Only the 'children' of the next 2000 generations survive, if we today are DULY Paranoid.'

Loving u