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Monday, November 30, 2009

Fight Looms on How to Pay for New War Plan Wall Street Journal

Possibilities Emerge for Obama's Diplomacy Push to Pay Dividends Wall Street Journal

Obama's Second Take On Job Creation Forbes

Kennedy touts health care reform, sidesteps flap AP

Millions of Jobless Lose Insurance Aid New York Times

Nations warn Iran on nuclear sites plan BBC News

Krugman: We need an emergency jobs program. Now.

Jobs Summit Guests Include Paul Krugman, Eric Schmidt CBS News

Huge DemocracyNow day. DON'T MISS.

DN! Rich Businessman Wins Election in Honduras
DN! Hunger among Seniors up 81% since 2006
DN! Canada Police Violate Amy Goodman's Rights
DN! WTO Chief Pascal Lamay
DN! Battle of Seattle Anniversary

Fw: Diane Wilson video day #24 Hunger Strike


===from diane===

Hey all

Check out the link and please send out.  a liitle media for Climate Justice Fast:

Vital Tests for Obama on Mandate for Change New York Times

More Iraq, Afghanistan veterans need more help San Francisco Chronicle

Latino voters see universal health care as the top priority La Opinión

The Arabs Have Stopped Applauding Obama Wall Street Journal

Joe Biden update: N.Y. paper proclaims he's (maybe) second most powerful VP ... Los Angeles Times

Americans Still Leaning Against Healthcare Legislation

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Defiant Iran Details Plan for 10 Enrichment Plants New York Times

The Global Elders Coalition Against Climate Change The Guardian - Nigeria

Thorny Issues on the Agenda as Rudd Meets Obama Wall Street Journal

Senators split on exit strategy, Afghanistan war funding The Hill

In US "Freedom" means Freedom from Responsibility, Humanity, Brotherood...

Freedom from ...decency, consideration, accountability, restraint....

Freedom to ... pollute, steal resources, neglect the poor, hoard
and squander resources on ourselves, deny the consequences of
our irresponsibility....

Freedom to do whatever pleases us regardless of the impact
on the poor, the needy around the country, around the world.

Is this not the Truth?  Really?  REALLY?

Treasury to meet with mortgage servicers Monday Reuters

Krugman: Empire Not At Risk ABC News

More federal pressure on mortgage companies Los Angeles Times

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Troops celebrate what could be last Thanksgiving in Iraq USA Today

KRUGMAN NYT: Taxing the Speculators New York Times

DAMN PAPISTS: Irish Catholic Church apologises for abuse by priests BBC News

The Cost Of War Forbes

Will Congress fund a troop surge in Afghanistan? The Hill

Americans' tax burden is lightest in developed world USA Today

ANTI-CHRIST: Bishops covered up priests' child abuse AP

CHANGE: Yen Rises to 14-Year High on View Authorities to Tolerate Gains Bloomberg

mcchrystal : Obama engaged in "thoughtful process" Washington Post

Russia urges Iran to accept nuclear deal PRESS TV

I hope for, but make no demands on - your thoughts

Updated significantly as of this moment:

Vicki on final months of Ted Kennedy's life USA Today

US Will Be Out Of Afghanistan By 2017: White House New York Times

Prisons prepare for an influx of detainees during the UN Climate Change ... The Copenhagen Post

US Muslims are Americans too CNN

Iran warned over nuclear 'dead end' by UN's El Baradei BBC News

CHANGE: Obama to commit US to deep cuts in emissions San Francisco Chronicle

CHANGE: China unveils carbon target ahead of Copenhagen Reuters

Schumer: Dems ready to go-it-alone on health care WECT-TV6

On Afghanistan, Obama finds friend in India AFP

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CHANGE: "The most beautiful thing in Life is the feeling of Duty within us." Pr. Obama

"It has been said that the most beautiful things in life
are the stars above us, and the feeling of Duty within us."
President Obama at the State Dinner for PM Singh

The Share Our Sacrifice Act of 2010 The Washington Independent

United STUPIDS of America: Can a One-Child Policy Be Far Behind? American Thinker

Iraq elections face delay The Associated Press

Healthcare Reform's Fate Lies in the Hands of Four Women U.S. News

Impatience with Obama trade policy grows The Associated Press

US Strategy on Afghanistan Will Contain Many Messages New York Times

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

War surtax: 'Pay as you fight' Politico

Congressman Obey's Tax on the Afghanistan War TIME

4 jailed after W.Va. mine protest, 2 released Daily Press

CHANGE: Iran willing to trade low-enriched uranium for fuel WashPo


FDIC reports biggest drop for business loans on record USA Today

Washington Post closing US bureaus Reuters

Big powers prepare Iran resolution Houston Chronicle

Belgian man: end of coma misdiagnosis like rebirth AP

Abbas: Obama is 'doing nothing' for Middle East peace Ha'aretz

Iran Seeks Guarantees on Nuclear Deal Voice of America

Philippines Declares State of Emergency New York Times

We handed Pr. Obama TRAIN WRECK!!! Fed Reserve - high jobless rate for years to come WashPo


DN! Rep. Obey Calls For War Surtax
DN! FBI Releases New Hate Crime Data
DN! Officer Shoves Passenger Into Window
DN! Lou Dobbs Considers a Presidential Run in 2012
DN! Women of Zimbabwe Arise Honored At White Hosue
DN! Police Brutality Against Students Protesting Fee Hikes CAL Berkeley

RI Bishop Tobin has testy exchange with msnbc's Chris Matthews Providence Journal

Top Dem to Obama: 'There Ain't Going to Be Money for Nothing if We Pour It All ... ABC News

Can Bob Casey Bridge the Abortion Divide on Health Care? TIME

White House, AARP Seek to Capitalize on Senate Health-Care Vote Bloomberg

How SA's poor get free electricity BBC News

Monday, November 23, 2009

CHANGE: Obama Issues Sharp Rebuke of Mugabe New York Times

How Obama's Afghan strategy is shaping up Reuters

Lieberman's Stand: No Public Option Wall Street Journal

Pricing an Afghanistan troop buildup is no simple calculation Los Angeles Times

Pass Health Care Reform - DO THIS:

Now Health Care for all is UP TO YOU!!!!!!!

Obama to speak on education, present rights award The Associated Press

Swine flu: doctors blast anti-vaccination sceptics AFP

senator says he'll sacrifice his job for healthcare reform Raw Story

An Unsurprising Slide for Obama New York Times

Germany attacks Israel settlement plan before visit Reuters

Obama agenda: The jobs debate

Obama in His Labyrinth New York Times

China sentences quake activist to 3 years in prison Washington Post

In the trenches on climate change, hostility among foes Washington Post

Why Iran's Opposition Movement Complicates Nuclear Talks TIME

Rep. Lynn Woolsey on health care Politico

Chinese Critic of School Construction Gets 3 Years New York Times

DC AIDS activist among new Rhodes scholars Washington Post

Sunday, November 22, 2009

KRUGMAN: The Phantom Menace New York Times

Rising sea levels threaten Caribbean region Los Angeles Times

Hamas official: Progress in Schalit talks but no deal yet Jerusalem Post

HUGE: Daschle: Health Care Overhaul 'Within Our Reach' NPR

Vicki Kennedy Tears of Hope with Sat. Night Health Care Vote

Political Left & Right: 2 Faces of InHumanity. OBAMA'S THE 3RD WAY.

The "Right" kills by elevating primitive action over ideas.

The "Left" kills by substituting ideas for courageous action.

President Obama represents the 3RD WAY, IF WE WILL JOIN HIM:


Saul Alinsky called it "RADICAL."


Our greatest Living Activist on Hunger Strike Day 16

[Uh, not God] Man, Everybody Is Disappinted In Obama TPMCafé

Will no one stand with Pr. Obama? President Obama Didn't Impress Asia WSJ

Partisan Divide Widens as Obama Considers Afghanistan Policy

US Ready for Quick Afghan Escalation


"Start, be more subtle!" Love tolerates nothing less than the Truth. Hate can't abide Truth.

"God is Truth.  Truth is God." 

"Start, be more subtle!" 
I hear that all the time
in different ways.  I always have.

Love accepts nothing less than the urgent Truth. 
Hate/Fear/Selfishness/Greed cannot abide Truth.
Start stands with Love / Truth (as best he can know it);
come what may.

Truth / Love are our only, and entire hope.
We're out if time.

'Stick with him,' Biden tells Iowans of Obama

DEATHERS: Get ready to bomb Iran Washington Times

Wind power will make Britain the dirty old man of Europe

The right time for immigration reform San Francisco Chronicle

Gaza water unfit for human consumption: Palestinians AFP

Gore to techies: Shake off the lethargy San Francisco Chronicle

Inciting Fear of Reform New York Times

Health Care Reform: US vs Singapore BusinessWeek

UnChristlike Papists! Kennedy Barred From Communion By Bishop CBS News

billboard a Colorado weirdness successor to Ballon Boy Denver Post

Debating healthcare reform the old-fashioned way LA Times

Schumer, centrists working on public option The Hill

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Health care bill clears first Senate hurdle The Associated Press

Coal KILLS: At Least 421 Die in Chinese Mine Explosion NYT

Obama says Asia trip about jobs Washington Post

Obama's Afghanistan Dilemma Washington Post

un Official Seeks Global Action on Iran Wall Street Journal

Some states already poised to opt out of public plan The Hill

COAL KILLS: China mine explosion kills 42, traps 66 Reuters

Double Agency New York Times - James Fallows

Upper-Bracket Tax May Be Needed for Afghan War, Levin Bloomberg

CHANGE: Obama took up Tibet with China: Dalai Lama

JUST LIKE REAGAN: Obama's approval below 50 percent NY Post

TOTALLY UNCHRISTLIKE: US bishops assert their authority WashPo

Obama Asia trip a boost to US economy The Associated Press

Friday, November 20, 2009

UC Berkeley protest ends with 41 arrests San Jose Mercury

Sarah Palin, the cynical mean girl Boston Globe

U.S.-China create a path to Copenhagen success

House moves to protect doctors from Medicare cuts The Associated Press

Nuclear Plant Built for Iran Is Delayed, Russia Says NYT

Panel: Extending nuclear weapons life successful The Associated Press

Reid at risk in healthcare battle Reuters

more choice in a reformed healthcare system Los Angeles Time

HC Corps(e) set for record lobbying in 2009 Reuters

United Stupids of America: Obama approval rating below 50 pct WP

Protesters take over UC Berkeley building San Francisco Chronicle

Obama's homecoming includes busy agenda USA Today

Free clinics tied to health care debate The Associated Press

Who's afraid to debate health reform? Washington Post

We allow Obama to fail at our doom: Korea says no to US trade talks BBC News

RETHUG TERRORIST: Sen. Hatch: 'Holy War' Coming Over '' HC FOXNews

Obama warns Iran on nuclear impasse Chicago Tribune

We're killing him: Obama's 'Fatigue' While in Seoul South Koreans

Venezuela blows up border bridges with Colombia

Thursday, November 19, 2009

US admiral defends Obama's Japan bow AFP

Gates says Afghan surge could happen swiftly The Associated Press

UN urges help for 1 billion deprived children The Associated Press

Pelosi: Abortion Issue Won't Sink Health Care Bill NPR

BuzzFlash - Trash R US

Pity.  They stand for nothing except cheap titillation and survival.

CHANGE: H1N1 Vaccine as Safe as Seasonal Vaccine, WHO Says

Lieberman says he wouldn't be alone in public option filibuster Hill

0BAMA BRINGS CLARITY: Minister Says Iran Won't Ship Uranium Abroad

CHANGE: Kissinger Sees 'Breakthrough' in Russia Relations Georgiandaily

Democracy PRACTICED: Perpetual NonViolent War. Blood's the alternative.

Democracy PRACTICED:  Perpetual NonViolent War.  Blood's the alternative.

Huh? Conyers Derides White House Health Care Strategy NYT

Obama's Popularity Is Higher Than His Policies, Poll Finds Bloomberg

Domestice TERRORISTS: Psalm 109:8 bumper stickers USA Today

Obama brings CHANGE: Reid Readies HC Bill For Saturday Vote WSJ

YE OF LITTLE FAITH: Senate Dems to make gov't plan widely available The Associated Press

HUGE INSIGHT: Rachel Maddow-AG Holder testifies on behalf of courage

Best Pres. we'll EVER have: A Thaw? Obama Appears on Fox News Channel Seattle Post Intelligencer

We're killing him: Obama vows 9/11 fiend will get death - then backs off New York Post

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CHANGE: Obama Creates Task Force to Fight Financial Fraud Bloomberg

Obama faces uphill battle in selling Afghan war strategy Washington Post

Thanks to Obama Damned if they DON'T: Iran's Ahmadinejad seen backing nuclear deal Reuters

Cynicism is COWARDLY: Goldman, Buffett launch $500 million small biz initiative

Hitler ALIVE in Israel: Housing plan for Jerusalem neighborhood spurs criticism Washington Post

Makes Apartheid South Africa look saintly: Israel perceived to be a little less corrupt than it was in 2008 Ha'aretz

Stunning "Change": Watch his talk on my youtube chan startloivng2: China stifles Obama charisma AFP

Why aren't we filling the streets TO MAKE CERTAIN??? Reid 'optimistic' about getting 60 votes on health bill Washington Post

Start's Twitter @StartLoving1

Support the climate bill Aspen Times